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Architectural & Interior Design Trends in 2024

As a trailblazer in custom home construction across Australia, David Reid Homes is committed to incorporating the latest architectural and interior design trends into our projects. As we look ahead to 2024, we’re excited to share insights into the key architectural design trends that will shape the landscape of our homes. From embracing sustainability and cutting-edge technology to statement flooring and a moody colour pallet, we are dedicated to creating homes that exceed expectations. 

Architectural Design Trends for 2024: 

1. Smart Homes: Technology Integration 

In response to the technological wave, integrating smart home features continues to evolve in the custom home building space. Expect voice-activated assistants, automated lighting, and temperature control systems that enhance convenience, energy efficiency, and security. Our homes are not just structures; they are intelligent, intuitive spaces that adapt to your lifestyle. 

2. Circular Design: Minimising Waste 

Circular design is an option for clients to adopt to contribute to the sustainability of new dwellings. By using recycled and upcycled materials and incorporating on-site recycling facilities, we contribute to a more sustainable future while minimising waste. David Reid Homes believes in a circular economy that prioritises dismantling and reusability in our designs. 

3. Net-Zero Energy Buildings: Sustainable Focus 

Sustainability takes centre stage with a commitment to net-zero energy buildings. Homes should aim to generate as much energy as they consume through passive solar design, natural ventilation, and renewable energy sources like solar panels and geothermal systems. David Reid Homes is dedicated to reducing carbon footprints and combating climate change through innovative design. 

4. Resilient Design: Adapting to Climate Change 

Resilient design is a cornerstone of our approach to architecture. By addressing climate-related risks and designing buildings to withstand extreme weather events, we can contribute to efficient and resilient urban planning. Flood-resistant materials and sustainable stormwater management can be incorporated into custom home designs, ensuring quick recovery and adaptation to climate challenges. 

5. Outdoor Living Spaces: Expanding Beyond Walls 

Outdoor living spaces take centre stage in 2024, with seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. Rooftop gardens, terraces, and outdoor kitchens can seamlessly integrate into our designs, promoting social interaction, relaxation, and a deeper connection with nature. 

6. Wellness-Focused Spaces: Enhancing Well-being 

David Reid Homes is committed to enhancing well-being by designing spaces that promote relaxation and mindfulness. From meditation rooms to wellness-focused work-from-home spaces, interiors can utilise natural light, biophilic design, and acoustic comfort to create environments that prioritise your mental and physical health. 

7. Biomimicry: Learning from Nature 

Inspired by nature, biomimicry can be incorporated into designs, creating environments that improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity. From living walls to green roofs, we can emulate natural forms, processes, and systems, contributing to sustainable and eco-friendly structures. 

Interior Design Trends for 2024: 

1. Pantone Colour of 2024:

In the kaleidoscope of interior design trends for 2024, one standout element that promises to make a vibrant impact is PANTONE’s Color of the Year—Peach Fuzz. Peach Fuzz is not merely a colour; it’s a statement—a statement that resonates with the spirit of optimism, creativity, and a renewed connection to nature. This warm and inviting hue brings a sense of playfulness and sophistication to interiors, offering a refreshing departure from traditional colour palettes.

2. Layered Colour Schemes 

In 2024, the era of monochromatic rooms is making way for more dynamic and purposeful colour combinations. Interior designers predict a shift from intense colour saturation to diverse colours, including softer and warmer tones. The trend is all about mixing and matching shades and tones to create layered and sophisticated colour schemes. Expect to see rooms that are thoughtfully curated with two or more complementary colours, adding depth and character to the living space. 

3. Rustic Textures 

Texture is taking centre stage in 2024, moving towards more organic and animated use of materials. Embracing nods to the natural world, designers are incorporating elements such as pitted timbers, ceramic glazes with imperfections, and hand-woven textiles. The result is a tactile and sensory experience that brings warmth and authenticity to interior spaces. Look out for distressed woods and tumbled antique tiles, creating a connection to the natural environment within the confines of your home. 

4. Curves and Edges 

The trend of undulating curves continues to evolve in 2024, expanding beyond furniture to include architectural elements like archways, hallways, and shower entries. Softer lines and organic shapes are becoming prominent in both furniture and architectural design. Alongside curved forms, expect to see a resurgence of blocky, squared traditional silhouettes in furniture, providing diverse design options. Visible legs on sofas, a departure from the hovering organic designs of the past, are making a stylish comeback. 

5. Character Over Cookie-Cutter 

2024 signals a departure from the cookie-cutter aesthetic permeating interior design in recent years. Designers are advocating for individuality, urging the use of artisanal pieces, vintage finds, and heirlooms over mass-produced elements. The emphasis is on creating spaces that reflect the unique tastes, lifestyles, and needs of the occupants. Clients are increasingly leaning towards comfortable, lived-in furniture that adds depth, character, and a touch of playfulness to interiors. 

6. Sustainability Front and Centre 

A collective consciousness around environmental impact is influencing design choices in 2024. Designers and clients alike are prioritising sustainability, educating themselves on how different elements and materials can impact the living environment. The trend involves conscious selections, made-to-order products, and a focus on reducing waste. Expect to see interiors that showcase a commitment to eco-friendly and socially sustainable practices. 

7. Statement Floors 

Floors step into the spotlight in 2024, with a growing trend towards patterned stone or marble floors. Clients are embracing custom setouts, where slabs of stone and marble are hand-selected to create visually stunning and textured floors. This shift highlights a newfound appreciation for the impact that flooring can have on the overall design aesthetic of a space. 

8. Personal Projects 

The ultimate trend for 2024 is a focus on individuality. Designing spaces that are a reflection of the client’s unique tastes, lifestyle, and needs is at the forefront. The demand for personalised design themes is driving a shift towards eclectic and authentic interiors. Collaborating with clients to recontextualise pre-existing pieces in new settings creates truly one-of-a-kind spaces. 

9. European Inspiration 

In 2024, a resurgence of European design influences is evident, with a nod to both contemporary and classical Italian design. Elements such as tapestries, intricate marble details, ceiling medallions, and plasterwork are making a comeback. The patterns re-emerging find their origins in the Italian Rationalist design movement, bringing a touch of timeless elegance to modern interiors. 

10. Hotel in the Home 

Luxury takes a relaxed and casual turn in 2024, with a trend towards bringing hotel-like amenities into residential spaces. Integrated lighting, bold wallpapers, and feature stone are predicted to become prominent design details. The focus is on creating spaces that offer a sense of quiet luxury, combining functionality with fabulous aesthetics for an elevated at-home experience. 

11. Eau Naturale 

Natural materials and finishes continue to gain popularity in 2024. Graphic natural stones, marbles, and terracotta are expected to be sought after by both clients and designers. The key to maximising the potential of these materials lies in partnering with expert stonemasons and specialist finishers to achieve complex textures and patterns that enhance the natural beauty of these elements. 

12. Reconsidered Layouts 

The ubiquitous open-plan layout faces competition in 2024 as designers observe a shift towards creating more defined spaces. Clients are moving away from mimicking traditional designs and joinery arrangements, opting for internal plans that foster flow and functionality. The trend is towards layouts that cater to the specific needs and preferences of residents, allowing for more intimate and unique moments within the home. 

13. Heavy Metal 

Versatile and enduring, metals maintain their prominence in 2024. Mixed metals, especially warm finishes with lightly burnished textures, continue to be favoured. Unlacquered brass and polished nickel remain perennial favourites, with a willingness from clients to embrace bold combinations of mixed metal finishes. Metals are celebrated for their shape-shifting ability, offering classic and contemporary options to suit diverse design preferences. 

Moving Toward the Future

As we step into 2024, David Reid Homes is at the forefront of architectural and interior design trends that are reshaping how we live our everyday lives. From intelligent homes and net-zero energy buildings to layered colour schemes and rustic textures, our commitment is to shape a home that aligns with your evolving needs. Start your custom home journey in 2024 to create your dream home and personalised sanctuary with one of our local builders.