They’re On Again! Pie in the Sky! Part 2

David Reid Homes Pie in the Sky 2011 Flashback!

The official Pie in the Sky, David Reid Homes All Stars video coverage from 2011. Here’s what they had to say!

It’s become an annual pilgrimage from the city to the sticks. A treasure trove of Rugby League talent winging their way to the remote western Riverina town.

Gotta hope that the Hay side don’t take it too serious.

The likes of Meninga, Bradley Clarke, Matt Geyer and Simon Woolford. They’ve played on the biggest stages and they’ve given back to the game at the grassroots.

A club that was struggling a decade ago is now thriving with a full complement of boys’ and girls’ junior teams and for the first time a top division senior team.

it’s like getting the Australian test team to play a one dayer game of cricket!

It’s a combination the five years hard work and I’m expecting big crowds.

The unsung heroes are many of the Magpies.

The all-stars warmed up if you can call it that. Their first and last pre-match training session.

Bit worried about my team. Preparation hasn’t been great.

Meet Rugby League immortal, Arty Beatson, official coach and motivator.

Joking aside the great man was shocked at the fitness of some of his charges.

I reckon it’s indecent with these blokes are so fit. Whatever happened to where you let yourself go like Mark Tookey?

And it was Mark Tookey and Meninga who led out the galaxy of former stars

But despite the big names the locals were off to a flyer, targeting an obvious weakness on Daley’s wing.

That sparked a group of blokes not used to losing.

Meninga was in the thick of it. Not bad for 50 odd. Kenny Nagas wound the clock back and Nagas continued to cement his Man of the Match honours.

The Hay Magpies motto is, “Let’s dream big” and that dream is now a reality with 1500 fans coming from near and far to rub shoulders with some of Rugby League’s best ever.

It’s good the city coming out to the bush, I’d say.

We don’t get to see famous people like this very often.

It’s like a field of dreams out there with all the legends.

It’s great. It’s like Rugby games of old. It’s really really good

It was a buzz for the All Stars; a lifetime high for the likes of Mitch Rosser who played with them.

The greats showed glimpses but the match wasn’t without incident.

Shane Millard suffered a dislocated elbow.

Woolford went for it charging 80 metres, defying the defence and gravity.

Raiders coach David Furner enjoyed the hit out; his first game in six years. He was one of the first to answer the SOS from a club in strife.

In the end the visitors won 50 to 8 but the score didn’t matter.

Great for everybody here and you know, happy to get a bit of money in the bush. Hay keeps on prospering from it and you know, good luck for them next year in the comp.

The boys were feeling it at one stage. Nah, it’s good stuff.

Great to see that the concept which started as a bit of a pie in the sky, you know, come to fruition and it’s a true story.

That’s my last ever game of Rugby League. That’s it. I’m officially retired. I’m gone.

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