Budget, Time Frame & Quality

You can rest assured we all know all the horror stories out there and we have both the experience and the systems to ensure your build is one of the successes rather than the vast majority that result in nightmares for the client! There are three components to any build – Budget, Time Frame and Quality. Naturally, you would like all three and that can be achieved in balance, but it is important to note they are all linked. So, we need to get clear at the beginning what your priority is.


Just because you choose budget doesn’t mean you will end up with an inferior build. Just like paying over the top will not guarantee quality! But, budget will always be top priority for both of us and all subsequent decisions will be made with that in mind.

Time Frame

If you are on a tight time frame, then be honest with your deadline. If we cannot meet this, we will be honest and not waste your time. Equally, you should insist on a timeline plan from your potential builder. This will ensure the handover date has been planned. If your builder cannot (or will not) provide this information, then they are incapable of achieving a successful outcome.


Quality is often talked about and rarely delivered in residential construction. It is linked to time frames because it takes longer to deliver a higher standard of work.


Building your dream home will be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and choosing the right builder that will accommodate your Budget, Time Frame and Quality requirements can be difficult. On the surface it may be hard to differentiate one builder from the next; Using our ‘Home Builder’s Checklist’, will make it easier to gather information and compare offerings from builders in your area, and help you make the right choice the first time.

Consider the difference these points make. Check out this testimonial from Sam & Carla Brewer:

We chose to build with David Reid Homes because of their competitive price and quality fixtures that were included.outdoors custom home builders Brisbane S.E. - David Reid Homes Australasia
We were able to build a home to suit our young family and our love for entertaining.
We were given more than enough choices so that our home could reflect our personality and differ from others.
We found Ben to be very professional, approachable and knowledgeable when it came to our house plan and what inclusions would work for our home. We are definitely pleased with the finished product and would have no hesitation in recommending Ben or any other or in the future building another home with David Reid Homes.
Thank you.

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