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A Luxury Home – Can you Afford NOT to Build One? David Reid Homes

Why build a luxury home?

David Reid Homes Luxury HomeThere are lots of reasons that people want to build a luxury home. Some would say that it goes without even considering that everyone wants to live in a luxury home. So why don’t people do it more often?

Often in the early stages of life people build their first homes and they may be on a fairly tight budget. This doesn’t mean that they can’t have luxury homes. The interesting thing about building a first home is that people assume that they must have a project home or a cookie-cutter home from one of the mass-producing builders. We’re not going to name them here but you know the ones.

They are easily identified because they give you a list of plans and layouts which look great in the booklet but you’re pretty much stuck with what they have and they’ll have a price against each one which may look very attractive.

All is often not what it seems

So you go and have a look at their display home. You walk through and compare it with the images in the booklet and it looks far better. It has high ceilings, a more luxurious bathroom with superior fittings, the kitchen has a chef’s oven, granite bench top, top-of-the-line taps and plumbing, dishwasher, fashionable exhaust fan over the stove, ducted to the outside, extra windows, beautiful tiles, carpets, air conditioning, landscaping, fencing and luxurious light fittings.

luxury home needed for sloping blockThen you sit down with the salesperson and say, “I want to build this house on my block of land.”

You show the map and photographs of the block that you are so proud of and the salesperson says, “Yes of course we can build on that.” She doesn’t tell you that because your building site is fifty metres from the boundary and because you have a sloping block your building costs will be much higher.

She doesn’t tell you that the fittings and accessories in the display home will cost many thousands of extra dollars over and above the prices that are shown in the catalogue.

She doesn’t tell you that it may be difficult to get some subcontractors in your area or that it will cost more to get them there because you may be further out than where they would normally build.

That is of course, unless you ask all of these things.

Many people who aren’t experienced in buying or building homes don’t know the correct questions to ask to get the full picture.

You may be left under a false impression that you are going to get what appears to be a luxury home for a bargain price; that is, until you are further down the track.

An expensive home is not a luxury homeAn expensive home is not a luxury home

Suddenly, you’re faced with a much more expensive home than you first expected and when it comes down to it you’re still getting a cookie-cutter home that looks like thousands of others. Remember the song, “Little Boxes”?

Assuming that you do get this house built, you will regularly be having people come to visit who say, “Our house is just like this! Is this the “XYZ” design from ABC builders?”

And guess what? It certainly is! These same people can probably give you a list of half a dozen other people they know who have exactly the same house.

So, here you are with one of the many “Little Boxes”. Just like in the song.

And you know what? If you had come to David Reid Homes with the same total budget that this cookie-cutter home cost you, you could have had a luxury home, unique to your family’s needs, built for maximum use of the natural aspect and environment for economical and environmentally friendly passive climate control. Your David Reid Homes custom home builder will have considered the best design aspects to suit your particular needs and block and your house will fit.

Visitors will come to your David Reid Homes luxury home and say, “Wow! Your home is completely different. You’ve got fantastic views, passive solar and cross ventilation, and everything just looks and feels right. The lighting and fittings are really great quality. This home has your character written all over it! I wish I’d had David Reid Homes build my home.”

So by all means, look at other builders. Check out exactly what you get for your money. And then when you’re sure what your house is really going to cost, call your local David Reid Homes luxury home builder. It may be the best building decision that you ever made.

Just click to go to our testimonials page or our designs page and see for yourself.

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